Happy Monday #3

Now I know that Mondays aren’t the most popular day of the week so I have decided to try and spread a little bit of happiness as I wait for my delayed train.  Here are some of my favourite photos from the weekend, I spent a lot of time by the sea in Marblehead, MA and Castle Island, Boston. I’ve been spending my evenings on Castle Island for a cool sea breeze and beautiful sunsets. Nothing to do with it being a great place to catch Pokemon, honest!


Sunset over the Boston skyline from Castle Island


Casting a shadow at Castle Island, looking over Boston Harbour.
The rather odd iron lighthouse in Marblehead

5 thoughts on “Happy Monday #3

      1. There must be some scientific research into this!! We’ve just come back from an hour hunting at the beach again and I caught almost 100 Pokemon, 22 of which were brand new to me. This is possibly the geekiest comment I’ve ever written!

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