This morning my wife and I arrived in Iceland where we will be spending the week. It’s somewhere we have both always wanted to go. Today we have mostly slept and explored Reykjavik but the rest of the week we will be driving around seeing volcanoes, geysers and waterfalls! Here are the first few photos I took on my phone. πŸ™‚

The famous Hallgrimskirkja cathedral

Sun-craft, a sculpture of a Viking skip. Probably the only sunny thing we’ll see all week!

I feel like this guy is having a bad day!

21 thoughts on “Iceland!

    1. Thank you so much! I have just added a few extra things to my list after seeing your posts. Will take your lead and skip the Blue Lagoon, didn’t realise it was that pricey! Looks like you had better weather than me, your photos are wonderful. πŸ™‚

  1. We LOVED Iceland! I’ve got a bunch of posts on my blog as well though we did mostly the group tours. I agree with the above comment about skipping the Blue Lagoon. Try to find one that the locals use. My husband also wishes he’d done the scuba diving and had we not been traveling with small kids at the time (they were 6 and 9 then), we would have done the snowmobiling and glacier climbing (min age was 10 for most of those which one of our kids could have pulled off but not the other). Have a great time!

    1. Your glacier photos are amazing! I hadn’t planned to go on a tour up there but reconsidering it now (if we ever get a dry day). We are going to go to the Vik area like you did and see the blank sand beaches and also do the Golden Circle in the next couple of days!

  2. I love Iceland! Your photos are making me want to go back for another visit! I thought the Blue Lagoon was fun, if a bit pricey (but what isn’t in Iceland?) and a good way to recover from jet lag.

    1. I’m amazed at how many people love Iceland and have already been and it’s making me wish I’d gone sooner! We are hoping to do some swimming in geothermal water in the next few days to relax! πŸ™‚

  3. A.PROMPTreply

    Iceland on my bucket list, Tom. How is it I seem to be following your lead all the time? Very envious! What’s up with that guy and the rock?!

  4. Looks stunning! You have to give us a full report when you get back. Cat suffered a bit in the heat in Greece (goes with living in Lancashire most of her life) so we may seek cooler climes for next year

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