I’m Home!

I’m back in home in England for a couple of weeks so thought I’d finally post something after a long gap. I’ve been terrible at posting recently but I’m going to try and get back into it. I didn’t want to just post for the sake of it, you know? I do miss writing though so am going to make a big effort.

I had a red-eye flight and I can’t sleep on flights so my body clock is a bit messed up at the moment. They say even a broken clock is right twice a day but my body clock isn’t! Anyway here’s a couple of pictures from a walk I went on after getting home yesterday. It’s so green.

6 thoughts on “I’m Home!

    1. Thanks Dookes! Love the latest Bodmin post, wish I had time to do the Moors this week.

      If you’re reading this and haven’t checked out Dookes’ blog then you’re missing out btw. Motorbike tours with great photography of SW England and sometimes France!

  1. Good to see you again, Tom 😊 Do you get a surprise at how green everything is when you come back? Or is your American neck of the woods similar in precipitation levels? I am watching the cycling Tour of California and at times it’s like watching paint dry because unlike in the European races, there is no scenery or architectural heritage to distract when the cycling action slows.

    1. It’s super green here compared to there with the rolling hills we have. In my part of the US it’s all urban but once you get away from the cities it’s huge woods.

  2. Aakansha

    I was just thinking a couple of days back that you haven’t posted in a while! So glad you’re back. 🙂

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