Warm Weekend

It’s been a pretty warm weekend here with temperatures here currently 32C (90F) and showing no signs of cooling down. I’ve been out and about by the coast to try and keep cool and have shared some of the photos below. The worst thing about warm weather is that we don’t have central air conditioning (our house is old and open plan). We have a portable a/c unit for the bedroom and the spare room but the temperature where I’m typing this is 30C (87F) and I’m trying hard not to sweat.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll know that I have a hamster (Sergeant Squeaks) that I bought as an impulse buy about 21 months ago. Yesterday I noticed that she was struggling to breathe and not eating any of her food so I took her to the vet first thing this morning. They aren’t sure what is causing it; small animals are notoriously hard to diagnose and they’d have to put her to sleep to do an x-ray which might kill her given that she’s weak. The vet gave us a choice of the x-ray or antibiotics in the hope that the breathing issue is pneumonia and not something more untreatable. We chose to try antibiotics so I’m hoping it will be that and she’ll pull through. Wish her luck!

The adorable and sickly Sergeant Squeaks
The Lighthouse in Scituate, MA


I like rocky beaches. They may be rough on the feet but the water is always clearer
The rare iron lighthouse at Marblehead, MA with some impressive clouds



How was your weekend?


10 thoughts on “Warm Weekend

  1. Blustery! I’m sorry to hear about your hamster. I had a golden hamster as a child. She died while I was at school and Mum went out and bought an identical one in the hope that I wouldn’t notice! Unfortunately it bit me as soon as I tried to stroke it, as I always did when I came home from school. I knew straight away and was mortified to discover she’d wrapped my hamster in newspaper inside a baked bean tin and put her in the dustbin! I rooted it out and gave her a proper burial in the back garden. I hope your recovers well.

    1. Aww I don’t know why mum’s always try that trick, it rarely works! Mine seems to be pretty active still so I think she might have a chance, if a small one. It’s not been easy to persuade her to take her medicine!

  2. Lovely snaps – the water is sooooo blue in some of those! Seeing them helped cool off this hot day that we’re having, too.

    Sending Sergeant Squeaks lots of good thoughts for a complete and speedy recovery. In our home we know all too well that pets are very important family members. (And often better company than most relatives…) 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yeah pets really are members of the family, even the small ones. Agree with the often better company than most relatives too! 😛

      She’s still hanging in there and fighting. 🙂

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