Mistakes Were Made

Hello readers! I realised this evening that I hadn’t posted in forever and with NaNoWriMo coming up in just a few weeks I need to get back into the habit of writing because I’m going to have a lot of writing to do.

Also, I miss blogging, I’ve just been really bad at humaning so please accept my apologies. Since my last post (June 11) I’ve celebrated my 3 year anniversary in the US, had a promotion at work and walked into the glass revolving door of my office building at least twice. What hasn’t changed though is that I am still the most awkward person in the world.

It was a lovely autumnal morning, the air was crisp and the sunrise beautiful as I strolled into the office. I walked up to the elevator and there was a man waiting who, from behind, looked exactly like one of my friends. I put on a silly Bond villain accent and said “we meet again Mr Bond!” Needless to say when he turned around it wasn’t my friend at all but a complete stranger. I then had to ride 7 floors with this man, who just pretended that I hadn’t said anything. 7 floors takes a long time when you’ve just made yourself look ridiculous. I mean I am ridiculous but I’d rather it were less obvious.

The other embarrassing thing that I did this week was to get coffee after work while still wearing my name badge and when the person serving me asked me my name I looked at my name badge (why would I do that?!) and said Tom as if I’d forgotten my own name. This is the same place I said “normal milk” when asked what milk I wanted because I couldn’t remember what semi-skimmed milk was called in the US when ordering a coffee. I can never return to that place now.

So basically the motivation for writing this post was remembering that this blog was a really good way of sharing the embarrassment that is my life in semi-anonymity. What better use of a blog is there? How have you embarrassed yourself recently? Want to make me feel less awkward by sharing your mishaps with me?

Ah, it’s good to be back.

9 thoughts on “Mistakes Were Made

  1. It’s good to have you back Tom!
    It hasn’t happened recently, but I always feel ridiculous when I need to calculate my age to be sure I’m not making a mistake… but I mean, it’s not that easy, it changes every year… right?

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