The leaves fell slowly all around me, drifting and swirling like sylvan snowflakes in the gentle breeze. I was surrounded by yellows, oranges and reds and beneath me was a multicoloured carpet that crunched satisfyingly underfoot. Autumn is my second favourite season of the year (probably the best season in New England. Here are some photos from my recent weekend adventures in New England, I hope you like them!

A dreaded sunny day so let’s go where we’re wanted and I meet you at the cemetery gates
Beacon Hill, Boston


I think this the largest insect I’ve ever seen. Any idea what it is?
Concord, MA

10 thoughts on “Autumn!

  1. Just saw the last pic says “Concord, MA” – I was looking at the first one wondering if that was Concord as it looks like a cemetery there I’d been to.

  2. Beautiful snaps! Thanks for sharing – I always love to see your photos. (I’m also glad to see you’re back. I’ve been traipsing about the country and missed your earlier post.) And good luck on NaNoWriMo! πŸ™‚

    If you haven’t yet learned the name of that big, ugly insect, it’s a mantis or – as it’s more commonly called in my area – a praying mantis. Harmless (except for the poor males sometimes after reproducing!) and definitely creepy looking. One spooked me in my vegetable garden last week when I wasn’t expecting it.

    I’m almost afraid to ask this but I’ve been wondering all summer so I’m going to…how is Sergeant Squeaks? Last you mentioned him, he was having a rough time of it in June and I’ve been sending good thoughts your way…

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah the praying mantis spooked me a bit because it was so huge and I wasn’t expecting to bump into it. I posted a picture on Facebook and everyone know what it was so I felt like I should have known.

      Sadly Sargeant Squeaks passed away about a month after I made that post. It was pretty sad but I have got over it. Probably won’t get another hamster for a while though!

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