Icy What the Problem Is

You may have seen in the media that it’s unusually cold in the Northeastern United States at the moment (I mean it’s cold in other places too like Canada but you expect it to be colder than a polar bears arse in Canada). It hit -4F (-20C) on Friday night and with windchill the air temperature was -30F (-34C). This is just a day after we were hit with 16 inches of snow on Thursday. Needless to say I haven’t been out of the house much other than to go to work on Friday.

A bitterly cold but beautiful sunrise this week.

The media are trying to make it seem even worse than it is by using terms like “bombogenesis” to describe the rapid pressure drop leading to the storm and the resulting chaos. I’m not sure why American meteorologists love being all tabloidy ( you wouldn’t catch the British Met Office making up terms like that) but I suspect it’s something to do with getting advertising revenue from website hits. Either way, it was a big and nasty storm with a lot of flooding.

A view of the frozen Charles River after a bitterly cold week and before the snowstorm.

Today I shrugged aside the fact that it was 6F (-14C) and decided to go on a mile long walk to the nearest beach because I had cabin fever. It was a slippery walk in the ice and slush but when I got there and saw the frozen sea and snow covered beach I decided it was worth the walk! The beach had flooded and then frozen and rafts of frozen seawater were all over the place, it was like looking at the Arctic. Further away from the shore the sea had just turned into a flat expanse of ice which was beautiful to look at. I hope you like the photos below. It’s supposed to warm up starting tomorrow so there may be hope for me yet!

Seriously though, this is supposed to be the sea!
Rafts of ice and snow breaking benches is snow joke.

8 thoughts on “Icy What the Problem Is

  1. I have never seen a frozen sea before, these pictures are wonderful, I’m glad you made the effort. I hope by now you’re thawed out. We have been in minus figures too, but not quite that far. I was stuck inside for 12 days with 7” of snow before Christmas. Our side of the street doesn’t get any sun at this tome of year, so it takes days to go away. My neighbour has just arrived home having been stranded in New York for 3 days, JFK was flooded and her 3 year old was going crazy with tiredness.

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