Leave to Remaine

The other day I looked at my Facebook memories and realised that I used to be a lot less boring than I am now. I’ve done roadtrips across the entire US and explored countries on my own but lately I haven’t spent a night away from home in ages.

Determined to rectify this sad situation I decided to book a weekend on my own up in Maine at late notice. I booked round trip tickets on the Amtrak Downeaster to Portland, a 110 mile, 2.5 hour trip from home (Amtrak isn’t known for its speed). I was a little worried that it would be freezing and terrible especially as they got a foot of snow 2 days before my trip but it wasn’t too cold in the end.

There’s a number of inhabited small islands in the waters surrounding Portland and they have a daily mailboat service. For just 16 dollars I booked a 3 hour trip on the boat and got some great views of coastal Maine. It was cold as hell out on the water and I was the only one dumb enough to be up on deck but I love being by the sea. Hope you like the photos from my trip!

14 thoughts on “Leave to Remaine

  1. The pictures are great. I can almost feel the chill. But I really like that Amtrak pic. I have friends in Maine and they told me about the train because I don’t like flying. It would be a long way though as I am in California. I would have to go in the summer, though. Can’t do freezing.

  2. I’ve been to Portland for a 1/2 day trip but didn’t know about the small islands. I’ll be back in the Boston area this summer and also visiting Maine, so might come back for that!

    1. I would definitely recommend the trip around the islands and they do a number of trips to the individual ones too. Wasn’t worth it this time because everything on them is closed out of season but if I go back I’ll do it. If you need any Boston area tips I’m your guy! πŸ˜›

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