5 States 5 Weekends: Part 1

Lately I’ve been really boring so I decided to set myself a challenge to give me something to do in my spare time. After considering a number of possibilities like seeing how long it would take me to eat my own body weight in chocolate I decided that most of my ideas were ridiculous and that the challenge shouldn’t involve eating, education or exercise. I came up with the idea of going to a different state every weekend for 5 weeks. First step was Maine.

Pointless Maine Facts

  • Maine is only the 39th largest US state but is nearly as large as all the other New England states combined.
  • Maine produces 90% of the US toothpick supply.
  • It is impossible to go more than a mile in Maine without finding someone selling lobster (I may have made that up).
  • Peak’s Island, Maine is home to a museum dedicated solely to umbrella covers (sadly I haven’t visited to see if it’s worth it).
  • The population density of Maine is 43.1 people per square mile compared to 858 in Massachusetts so your chances of running into someone annoying are much lower. Just avoid the Governor.

Today’s trip consisted of a trip up to Ogunquit, a town on the Maine coast with a coastal walk called Marginal Way. Public access to the coast for more than small distances is not common in New England so decent coastal walks are a rare surprise. Ogunquit is a pretty little tourist trap with the usual art galleries, shops selling crap t-shirts and restaurants. It was a beautiful spring day and I can thoroughly recommend the walk along Marginal Way. I hope you like the photos!

Perkins Cove, Ogunquit


Marginal Way takes you right along the coast, you can see the path at the far left
Ogunquit 3.jpg
Marginal Way even has its own tiny lighthouse. Because Maine
On the way home I stopped off at a proper lighthouse, Nubble Light

8 thoughts on “5 States 5 Weekends: Part 1

  1. I love seeing places on your posts that I’ve visited myself 🙂 . I was in Ogunquit in late September, and the winds were quite rough. Made for nice pictures of crashing waves, though. I walked the Marginal Walkway as well and took a pic of the same little lighthouse (like a gazillion other tourists did, presumably).
    I’ll be visiting Oqungquit for a whole week in June this and am looking forward to seeing it in summer. Maybe I’ll make it to that umbrella cover museum if I get bored…

    1. Oh nice, a week up there will be lovely! Can I recommend Mount Agamenticus which is nearby and has great views. Let me know if you find anything really cool, I haven’t spent as much time up there as I’d like. 🙂

      1. Thanks for that tip, I’m sure we’ll be able to see it, I can’t imagine hanging out in the sun like a beach bum for the whole week, so we’ll definitely have the time.

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