A Walk Around the Block

Yesterday evening I had a few hours alone and instead of planting myself on the couch and watching several hours of Netflix I decided to go for a walk around the neighbourhood. The weather app on my phone told me that it would feel like -7C outside but Continue reading “A Walk Around the Block”

Fixing up to go

I’m feeling pretty damn good this week, the days are getting longer and the weather is even improving. Yesterday I managed to fit in a long walk on the South West Coast Path in the sunshine. The Coast Path is one of the best coastal walks in Europe and in my humble opinion the world, but don’t tell anyone please because I like my walks nice and quiet! The combination of soaring cliffs, flower filled fields and sparkling seas is enough to make even the most miserable bastard smile. I’ve decided that one of my aims is to try and walk as much of it as possible before I leave for America. This naturally got me thinking about some of the other things that I want to do before I leave so I decided to make a list some of them. I know that some of my friends read this Blog so if any of you fancy accompanying me on any of these trips please let me know. I would also recommend any suggestions of places that I might have missed, where would you visit if you were emigrating? 



Rail Ale Trail- There’s a train that runs from Exeter to Barnstaple and you get off at all of the small village stations along the line and have a beer, whoever invented that idea deserves a few pints.

Exmoor- I’ve never really explored this National Park much, having been much more of a Dartmoor person so I really fancy spending some time up there.

London- There’s a lot of things I want to do here, some places to revisit and some new experiences. The British Museum and the Emirates Stadium tour are just two of them. I would also like a night out in London, maybe the day I have my Visa interview so there’s something to celebrate!

Castles- Plenty of castles that I still want to visit, such as Tintagel in Cornwall and Powderham which is only 9 miles from my house but I’ve never got round to it!

Hadrian’s Wall- I’ve never been but I would love, love, love to walk the length of it.

Stonehenge- My last visit was a year ago but I’d like to buy the special ticket that lets you experience it at sunrise when it’s closed with a small group of people. 

Any music festivals that don’t involve dance music!


These are just a few of the places that I want to visit, every time I think of it the list gets longer, so feel free to chime in with suggestions to make the list even more formidable!