The Case For Being Silly

Recently I was walking through my neighbourhood as it was snowing and I saw a family of four get out of their car; two parents and their kids. One of the kids (as kids do) sensed an opportunity and gathered some snow from the car in front, made it into a snowball and launched it at his dad. Instead of doing what I would do Continue reading “The Case For Being Silly”

An Englishman’s Guide to Surviving Winter

This is my first winter in New England and the past week has been the coldest week that I’ve ever known; it hasn’t been above -5C all week and the temperature when I woke up on Thursday was -19C (-28C with wind-chill). Unless you were conceived and born in an Arctic research station that is pretty bloody cold. At that temperature exposed skin gets frost bite within 15 minutes. Continue reading “An Englishman’s Guide to Surviving Winter”