A Year In America: Part One

This week marks a year since I moved to the US from the UK. To mark the occasion I’m doing a two part special looking at my first year in America with some of the more interesting things that have happened in my 12 months here. Happy 4th of July to all my American readers. 🙂
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This is my first entry as an American resident! Needless to say being an immigrant wasn’t as evocative as it is in the movies, there was no walking off a boat to be registered at Ellis Island. I was processed in a quiet sterile side room at Dublin Airport (you can pre clear US immigration there). I sat and quietly waited as an official processed my documents and then stamped my Visa and sent me on my way. No fanfare, just lots of typing and stapling punctured by the excitement of people moaning about missing luggage. All done! Next step is to receive my social security number in the post so I can begin working.

I’d spent the day clutching my US Visa paperwork nervously as I travelled,  it was a large white envelope with “United States of America, Official Business” in large letters on the side. It made me feel a bit like a nob carrying it but  it had to be carried in person and it was too large to fit in my hand baggage.  It contained all of the documents relating to my Visa so losing or damaging it was not an option! Handing it over to the guy at border control was definitely a relief.

I’m pleased to report that all of my possessions made it to the US undamaged which was a relief. I’ve unpacked all of my stuff already and had my first American shopping trip to buy some new clothes that suit the warm weather.  It’s a lot warmer than it was in England here so air conditioning and shorts are vital. I’m hoping it doesn’t take me long to adapt to the weather as sweating just by breathing soon loses it’s charm.

Today was my first Independence Day, although the weather was bad and we didn’t go out (my wife called it a hurricane although as a Brit it was definitely just a bit of rain). There are still some people gamely setting off fireworks in the rain as I write this, good luck to them. We had cheeseburgers for lunch and I wore a Captain America t shirt to match the theme of the day. We’ll make an American of me yet! Happy 4th of July everyone.

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