Heading to Wonderland

Today was a beautiful day with unseasonably warm temperatures and my wife was out for the day so I decided that even though I had the lurgy I would do some exploring in Boston. I wanted to go somewhere new and I looked at the MBTA map and decided that I would try the blue line for the first time. The blue line terminates at the awesomely named Wonderland and who wouldn’t want to go there right? In my head I imagined a theme park with Cheshire cats and rabbits and all sorts of amazing things so I headed out with my head full of dreams.

Of course while I was waiting for my first train I did some reading about my planned destination and found that Wonderland wasn’t actually very wonderful at all and the main thing of interest there was a dog racing track which had been closed for five years. Lamenting my ruined dreams I decided that I would head for the equally awesomely named Maverick and have a wander about that neighbourhood. An hour and two connections later (the MBTA likes to annoy its passengers by making sure many of the lines don’t connect to each other) I arrived at Maverick.

I headed to Piers Park which was the nearest thing of interest to the station according to Google Maps and in less than ten minutes I was there. Amazingly my walk didn’t take me past a branch of Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks so it was already a success. The park was right on the water and had fantastic views of downtown across the harbour. In front of me numerous small sailing boats collided with each other and drifted gently on a soft wind. I sat down and listened to the cries of seabirds and closed my eyes, at peace with the world for a time.

The view from the park was fantastic.

I sat facing the water for a good half an hour, letting the sun hit my face with my eyes closed much in the way that our cat does when he sits in a sunbeam (I promise I didn’t lick myself like he does though). A girl came and sat next to me and we sat in companionable silence while couples and families came and went once they had taken their requisite Facebook selfie to prove they had been there. The warm sun and the sea air were wonderful and really helped me feel better. I headed home, resolving to spend more time in East Boston another day when I didn’t feel so much like death.

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