This week I find myself in Canada, staying in Toronto. It’s my first time in Canada and I’ve really liked being here. I’ll post some of my impressions on Canada next week but here are some of my photos from the last few days. Hope you like them!

View from the ridiculously high CN Tower!

If you go to the top level of the Tower you can look down on skyscrapers!
The glass floor of the observation deck. If you don’t like heights it’s maybe best to avoid!
The most Canadian graffiti in the world?
I walked along the waterfront for a few miles to get a skyline view.
One million dollar gold coin in the Royal Ontario Museum.

7 thoughts on “Canada!

  1. Love Canada, love Toronto. I worked there for a time years ago, I would go back tomorrow and in many ways I wish I had stayed.
    Have a good time and enjoy yourself!
    PS There used to be a great craft brewery near the base of the CN Tower in the old railway (railroad) engine shed.

  2. I love Canada! My father was from Montreal and I lived there as a young child and later in Ontario. We visited Toronto often. Two years ago my husband and I stayed in Niagara Falls–it was his first trip to Canada and he also fell in love with it. The pictures are beautiful.

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