Floody Hell!

We had a big storm here on Friday that did a lot of damage to the state and some people still don’t have power. There were some impressive winds and huge storm surges which was a little worrying considering how close I live to the coast! In fact, trying to get around on Saturday most of the coastal roads in my area were closed. Today I went to the JFK Museum and Library which is right on the waterfront and here are some of my photos of the aftermath of the storm.

Sad to see this boat wrecked and sinking against the shoreline.
There’s usually a beach here in front of the stone wall, the sea wants to claim all.
This boat is not supposed to be here!


The JFK Museum and Library in sunnier times

8 thoughts on “Floody Hell!

  1. Wow Nature has certainly been exercising her muscles this month. We’ve had several inches of snow, strong icy winds, -10C temps. We have battened down the hatches and huddled around the woodburner with comfort food for the past week. We are just beginning to emerge from our hibernation, and it’s now raining.
    Powerful photos.

    1. Yeah I’ve been keeping up with the news back home and it did look really wild! Glad you are over the worst of it and hope the spring thaw comes soon! Having a wood burner in that weather sounds pretty awesome. πŸ™‚

      1. We have a stubborn 12”x12” patch if frozen snow in the corner of the garden but at last we are into plus temps and can poke our noses outside without the risk of frostbite!

  2. Be thankful you weren’t in Devon this week. First ever Red Weather Warning. Okehampton and Ashburton were completely cut off with 5ft drifts recorded up on Dartmoor. Friends going to West Somerset for the weekend couldn’t get there.

    It’s like Massachusetts and England swapped weather for a few days πŸ˜€

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