Spring has Sprung

Well it’s getting warmer and flowers are starting to bloom so I’m going to call it spring. Sadly there has been no movement on my Visa application since I started this blog which hits hard. We’ve been waiting for the National Visa Centre (NVC) to give us a case number and so far they have been stubbornly reluctant. Knowing that nothing is happening when my friends and family keep asking me when I’m going to leave has been difficult to say the least. So if you are reading this as one of my friends please don’t keep asking, I’ll tell you when something happens! Still at least the employees of the NVC can be happy with all their snow days and holidays. 


I’ve been trying to get out of the house more lately despite the lousy weather and it has helped my mood. On Saturday I went for a nice walk along the coast in the rare February sunshine and I felt a sudden gleam of satisfaction. If I’m going to be stuck in any place away from my wife then Devon is as good as anywhere. The beach was lonely and windswept and utterly beautiful. I’ve been lucky to grow up in this place and I shall miss it when I leave. There’s nowhere quite the same with the gently rolling hills planted with ancient cottages and the majestic glory of the soaring cliffs and secluded beaches. I love this place and it shall always have a piece of my heart.


Quiet and strangely comforting


The good news is that two weeks today I get to spend two weeks together with my lovely wife in the US. She’s taking me to a surprise destination for my birthday and I’m really excited already. It’s been three months nearly since we were last together so this visit is sorely needed. I can’t wait to wake up beside her again. It’s kind of ironic that USCIS boasts about uniting families while keeping so many apart. But all of our sadness and impatience will be swept away when I sweep her up in my arms at the airport. I just hope it’s the last visit we need to have before I get the Visa. Pull your finger out NVC!

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