Panic on the Streets of London

Imagine a day when you have a blood test, an x ray and you lie on a bed naked as a female doctor examines your family jewels and you pay £235 for the privilege.  Welcome to my Thursday! I’m on my way home from my immigrant visa in London,  it went better than I expected  which is a nice thing to report.  I left my house at 2am to catch the megabus into London and by the time I arrived at Victoria my heart was beating faster and I was a bag of nerves. By the time I reached the clinic (an easy walk from Bond Street) I was shaking.

I was sitting in the waiting room as nervous as I have been for a while when the doctor called me in. She was lovely,  dispelling all my fears and putting me at ease. We started off with general questions about my health then I sat on the bed while she checked my ears and eyes. Next was the dreaded stripping off followed by lying on the bed.  She checked my heartbeat and blood pressure and various other things before the dreaded pulling my  pants down to check my gentleman vegetables. All was well apparently,  and she then took my blood. She chatted to me the whole time, which helped a lot. 

Then she revealed that although I’m quite lightweight,  I’m healthy and in pretty good shape.  She added that she usually has to give people lectures about their health but everything was fine with me and that made a pleasant change for her. I was pretty happy with that! I then had to go to another room to get a chest x ray which involved bizarrely taking on a chicken like pose while a lady xrayed my chest. So I have a clean bill of health so far and if I don’t get any bad feedback about the chest x ray and blood test I’m all good  for the interview.

After the medical I paid my £235 (ouch) then played the tourist for a few hours, checking out Buckingham Palace, Westminster and the River. It was nice wandering around aimlessly mingling with the tourists in their supermarket carrier bag ponchos. Now I’m on my train back to Exeter- delayed at Woking (why do trains always get delayed at the worst towns?) and looking back on a day that was a lot better than I’d feared. I’m bloody tired though!    

One thought on “Panic on the Streets of London

  1. Then she revealed that although I’m quite lightweight,

    Wow, you’re underweight? That American food will change all that!

    Glad it went well today for you mate 🙂

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