The Calm Before the Storm

This winter so far has been a pretty poor one with regard to snowfall and every day I have been checking the weather forecast like a kid watching the clock on Christmas Eve hoping for a little bit of the white stuff. Yesterday I got my wish; we had about six inches of snow where we live and we woke up to a world that had become white. Today we went out and had some fun; the sun was shining, the temperature wasn’t too cold and it was beautiful in the woods. We made a snowman, had a snowball fight and I even made my first ever snow angel. I was happy and felt about 20 years younger and then I checked the weather forecast.

Walking in a winter wonderland
Walking in a winter wonderland
The woods are almost Narnian
The woods are almost Narnian

We are due a storm from Monday night to Wednesday that is predicted to drop between 18 and 24 inches of snow. I didn’t even realise that much bloody snow could fall in one go! I’m tempted to either buy 90 tins of soup to prepare or pre-emptively hand myself in at the morgue to save rescuers the effort when I am found buried in a snowdrift higher than our house. Reading the weather warning is a little sobering; “travel could become impossible and life threatening across the whole region. This has the potential to be a historic storm.” Now I know that the media like to exaggerate but even so, this storm is clearly going to be pretty impressive.

I heard there was a vacation for a lifeguard
I heard there was a vacation for a lifeguard…
Our snowman; by Wednesday he might have a two foot high cap on!
Our snowman; by Wednesday he might have a two foot high cap on!

Here’s the thing; I have already seen people post on Facebook that they are going to turn up to work anyway. I am lucky enough to be able to work from home so I won’t have any major issues unless we get a power cut but people are planning on travelling into work! In England a mere four inches of snow gives every workplace a absence list that must resemble one from the time of the Great Plague but here in New England people are treating the potential of 2 feet of snow as a minor inconvenience. I am impressed by how quickly and efficiently snow gets cleared here but even so going out in this storm seems like an awful idea. I’ll let you all know how my first storm goes and I’ll be back later in the week with pictures!

16 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm

  1. 2010 was the worst snow I’ve ever seen in this country. I (stupidly) drove from Swindon to the South East and right through Basingstoke which had it the worst. The M4 was a breeze with everybody taking the advice to stay home. When I got past Newbury? Knocked 20 years off my life.

    I think that was about 8 inches at most and I almost got stuck twice. I can’t imagine trudging through two feet of the stuff. Stay safe!

    1. I drove through that same storm (on the M3) after picking my then girlfriend up from Gatwick. My Mk II Renault Clio wasn’t designed for such misadventure and seeing trucks jack-knifed on the hard shoulder gave pause for thought.

      But then I got the next day off work so, every cloud 🙂

  2. Hello, Mr. Tom. That is very nice snowman you made. The snow looks very pretty in your photos. Down here in New York, it gets dirty very quickly (I am partly at fault because I do my fair share of peeing on it).

    We are waiting for the same blizzard to arrive here tomorrow night. My People tell me two feet does not sound too bad for New England, but I hope you have provisions to last a few days in case the roads are blocked.

  3. You’d have been a terrible Victorian adventurer…

    “Tom, we wish to make claim and reach the South Pole for the glory of the British empire will you join us?”

    “Nah moi lover, ’tis proper cold down ’em parts. Worst we ‘ad round ‘ere waz back in ’96 I reckon, whole of the A382 up Chagford way was closed ‘cuz a snow. Also, cheefs playin on Saturday – can’t be missin ’em” (I assume you speak like this…)

  4. These photos are great to see! I miss the snow, but I could do without the blizzard part. Stay safe, and hopefully it won’t be as bad as predicted. I saw where they say high winds as well- make sure you have flashlights in case you lose power!

  5. Every time a snow storm comes to Moscow it becomes locked in hour-long traffic jams – but of course, who could’ve expected so much snow? In winter? In Moscow? Always makes me roll my eyes seeing the news. Hope, you survive the storm and come out a hero!

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