An American Castle

Yesterday my wife and I visited Hammond Castle in Gloucester, MA, an eccentric replica of a medieval castle built in the 1920’s and stuffed with artefacts from Europe. There are suits of armour, Roman gravestones and whole medieval doorways that the owner, John Hammond, brought over from Europe. Hammond was a successful inventor and by all accounts a bit of what a Brit like me would call a wind up merchant. He played elaborate practical jokes on his guests like wallpapering the doors so guests wouldn’t be able to see where to leave and turning on sprinklers above the guests when he felt the conversation had become a bit stilted. My kind of guy! I hope you enjoy the photos, if you like photos of real castles too I did a post a while back that you can find here.

Destination: Hammond Castle, Gloucester, MA.
Cost: $10 admission.
Things to Do: Take nice photos, explore, gaze longingly at the sea.

A detail from the gardens
Because why not, right?


As a Brit I obviously need one of these in my house too
As someone with an archaeology MA, finding Roman gravestones was the highlight
Not a typical building style in New England…
It seemed like every millennial female in MA was posing for Instagram shots here but eventually it was quiet enough to get a photo
There appears to have been no design here but hey you can’t go wrong with a pretty stained glass window

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