“The Most British Thing Ever!”

As a British person living in the US I frequently do things that amuse my coworkers and friends and cause them to say “that’s the most British thing ever!” Here I compile a few of the most recent and ridiculous examples. Continue reading ““The Most British Thing Ever!””

Things I Have Learned Since I Moved Across the Atlantic

Earlier in the week I posted about the things that I wish I’d learned before I moved to the US (you can find that here) and the natural next step would be to post what I have learned since moving. Moving to another country can be pretty tough and whilst I have picked up a lot of useful knowledge like Kit Kats taste differently in the US and some useless things like $2 bills are an actual thing (yes chocolate is more important than money) a lot of what I have learned has been about myself. Here is a small selection of those things in no particular order… Continue reading “Things I Have Learned Since I Moved Across the Atlantic”

Things I Don’t Understand About America

I’ve been living in the US for nearly a year now and there is so much that I still don’t understand here. A lot of things that puzzle me are the obvious ones like healthcare and politics but if you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that I like to look at things from a different angle so here are the things that really puzzle me about the US. Continue reading “Things I Don’t Understand About America”

An Englishman’s Guide to Surviving Winter

This is my first winter in New England and the past week has been the coldest week that I’ve ever known; it hasn’t been above -5C all week and the temperature when I woke up on Thursday was -19C (-28C with wind-chill). Unless you were conceived and born in an Arctic research station that is pretty bloody cold. At that temperature exposed skin gets frost bite within 15 minutes. Continue reading “An Englishman’s Guide to Surviving Winter”