April (Snow) Showers

Yesterday we were hit by a April snowstorm that lasted most of the day. Most people rushed home after work trying to avoid the wet snow but with my trusty boots and a curious disregard for the perils of mild hypothermia I decided to go for a walk. In fact everyone went home because I didn’t come across anyone as foolish as me in the two miles that I walked. I have walked on clifftops in gale force wind so I wasn’t going to let a snowstorm get in the way of a bit of exercise.

I walked along the Charles River for about a mile until I came to a bridge and crossed it and walked back on the other side of the river to the train station. It was snowing heavily and even the twin landmarks of the Prudential Building and the Hancock Tower were invisible in the gloom. It was wonderfully atmospheric though and with the grey and white colours I felt like I was wandering through a Victorian novel except with less workhouses. I wandered along watching the snowflakes in a happy reverie until a near miss with a car indicated I should probably watch the traffic too.

I ended up with tired legs (walking in the snow makes me walk differently) and very wet clothes but I felt really alive. That’s all that matters right?

Anyone care to share a seat?
This is my favourite photo spot in Boston but today you could barely see across the river.


This one from the bridge is the worst one (I only had my phone camera after all) but I like the ghostly buildings in the background.

17 thoughts on “April (Snow) Showers

  1. Excellent example of an Englishman refusing to judge the weather on anything other than its aesthetic appeal. Because we’re used to our weather never doing any really serious, the English have been dying of weather-related mis-haps in foreign climes for centuries. Good to see the tradition continues. I hope you had nothing with you except some good boots, scarf & woolly hat and the promise of a good mug of tea when you got back home.
    Also: “walking in the snow makes me walk differently”. Like my cat (precise lift and step method) or a Jack Russell in a snow drift (springing leaps)?

    1. I think everyone sees me as a little crazy but it is definitely just my British desire for a ramble whatever the weather. I drew the line when it was -25C in February though!

      I think once the snow reaches a certain depth (especially if it is wet, heavy snow) it makes me walk like how you’d walk on a sandy beach. Every step takes that bit more effort.

  2. Those places look so deserted, it’s so eerie! meanwhile in my new Cornish home, I have windows and the patio door open and can hear birds singing and the rush of a creek beneath my window šŸ˜›

    1. Very nice! We had all the windows open on Thursday and it was 22C but within 3 days it’s below freezing! It was pretty eerie especially as the Esplanade (as the park along the river is known) is usually packed with runners and cyclists. Hope you are liking the new home!

  3. ā€œ’Snow in April is abominable,’ said Anne. ‘Like a slap in the face when you expect a kiss.’ā€ – Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Ingleside). I always found this quote curious since it’s from a Canadian book. Glad the weather didn’t deter you and that you enjoyed your walk. Great pics – ghostly, forlorn, and reflective – perfect for an introvert (which I am.) šŸ™‚

    1. That is an awesome quote and so appropriate, thank you for sharing! I will remember that next time we have an April snowfall. I’m glad you liked the photos. šŸ™‚

  4. A.PROMPTreply

    Those pix of empty benches, empty boats, and the city fogged in the background…..it seems as if you had the whole of the world to yourself when you were out there snapping away…..such a lonely looking landscape and yet……perhaps peaceful in the moment with the snow falling…..

    1. Yeah it really did feel like I had the place to myself and it was very peaceful when I was sheltered from the wind. It was pretty cool being the only person making footprints too. šŸ™‚

  5. Love the pics of pristine snow before anyone or anything makes it’s presence known. So peaceful. Here it is raining, but a little adverse weather rarely stops the Brits from venturing out! Well done on keeping up the tradition!

  6. Lovely! I felt the same way, as I was being buffeted by gale force winds, rain, and hail today. Yes, hail. In England. Yes, I’m the New Englander in Old England right now. I put some pictures on your FB page, BTW, since I always love your NE photos. šŸ™‚

  7. Rhi

    I found your blog from Visajourney and enjoy being nosey šŸ™‚ made me smile when I saw Cardiff Castle, I recognized it right away! I was obsessed with castles as a kid and spent a lot of time visiting them.

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